Systems & Services

How we work for you

Concept and Design

We at Maxxtech evaluate your specific needs and develop a plan for you. A plan you can count on to provide facility safety and compliance with state and local regulations. Our in-house engineers utilize the latest Computer Aided Design and Electronic software to prepare detailed engineering drawings of the proposed installation.


Components selected for reliability and cost effectiveness are installed quickly and efficiently according to your specifications. Each Maxxtech crew takes pride and satisfaction in knowing your project is installed professionally.

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

To maintain confidence in your fire alarm systems, fire suppression and security systems and to comply with the multitude of insurance, state and local regulations, Maxxtech employees’ teams specially dedicated to inspection, testing and maintenance. We provide you and the regulatory agencies with factual, detailed information on system readiness and compliance. No other fire alarm service is as comprehensive and thorough in their testing, inspection and maintenance.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Maxxtech 24-hour emergency services are supported by a fleet of 15 field vehicles and a team of experienced, licensed technicians. Local ownership means that your calls are answered here in Hyderabad & Pune City, in person, and service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.