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Gate Automation

MK Sensor is designed to deliver energy savings and lighting usage management in a wide range of commercial applications. Lighting represents, on average, up to 40% of a building’s total energy consumption; and also the largest opportunity for energy savings.

The MK Sensor range deploys three main types of sensor technology – namely PIR, Microwave and Ultrasonic – in a variety of devices configured for ceiling or corner mounting; as well as long range detection.

All products in the MK Sensors range have a built-in photocell, providing occupancy and light level detection.

Gate Automation

Gate Automation


Silver series regulating light spot K4028,K4019,K4023,K4057

The silver series regulating light spot offers a high – performance ,programmable presence detection for lighting control in work stations and offices.


  • Advanced presence detection by passive PIR technology,
  • One switch dimming.manual switch to adjust light level
  • Passive photocell holds lights,when area  becomes occupied in bright ambient conditions.
  • Scene settings-light automatically switch on when area become occupied application-open office,cabins,toilets etc


  • Acquire, monitor  and  transmit  the vehicle position                  
  • Battery reverse protection
  • RS-232 port for configuration of parameters
  • Data transmission through SMS or GPRS call
  • GSM, GPS and  Power  LED indications
  • Low power  consumption
  • Remote configuration Over The Air (OTA)

Mid Range Series Light Spot K4033,K4032

Mid range series light spot is a high performance, directional presence detector with built in photo cell for use in almost any internal space.


  • Advanced presence detection by microwave technology
  • Passive photocell holds lights, when area  becomes occupied in bright ambient conditions
  • Of delay in minutes following the last observed movement after which light switch off.

Application-corridors gateways, long range classrooms, conference rooms, etc

Gate Automation

Gate Automation


Standard Series Light Spot K4030,K4031

Standard series light spot is a general purpose ,fully automatic,directional presense detector with photocell.

It saves energy by switching off lights in occupied areas and by holding lights off in occupied areas which have adequate natural light.


  • Advanced presence detection by ultrasonic  technology.
  • Detection pattern and range in meters under normal operating conditions.

Applications-Corridors of offices,hotels,etc

Gold Series Light Spot K4025,K4062,K4059

It is a part of comprehensive range of presnse detection systems designed to control modular luminaries with DSI ,DALI,high frequency ballast and other lighting loads.


  • Advanced presence detection by microwave technology.
  • Remote control for temporary user-override on/off and light level adjustment.

Applications-class room, large cabins,confrense rooms,libraries,laboratories,open plan workshops etc

Light Spot Range of Photocell K4045

It is used with all common types of control gear in almost any environment where light would e left on unnecessarily when there is sufficient day/light.


  • Passive photocell holds lights, when area  becomes occupied in bright ambient conditions.
  • Regulating photocell adjust luminaire output to maintain constant light levels.
  • Active photocell switches lights on and off according to ambient conditions