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Maxxtech – A Hyderabad based company engaged in to marketing of CCTV Surveillance System Solution, Access control systems, LCD Projectors, P.A. Systems, Gate Automation, Video door phones, Office Automation and Presentation Products etc. Maxxtech has its team of dedicated executives to take care of its esteem clientele.

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Reliable Support… Exemplary Service… Complete Global Presence…

Maxxtech is built on top quality personal service and a genuine concern for our customers. We bring together highly-trained, professional technicians and a state-of-the-art product line to provide the most comprehensive security source. Our broad portfolio of products and Systems for video surveillance, access control, intrusion and fire detection are used by major Banks, IT corporations, government agencies, residential complexes and in many other Commercial, environments throughout India.

Maxxtech is an end-to-end hardware and software services company. Maxxtech manages end-to-end technical support, customer care, warranty services, Helpdesk and manages services, repair and refurbishment, project roll-outs, etc. through its single window solutions to meet any client need and ensure that clients can focus on their own core competency and increase customer satisfaction.

Its multi-faceted and highly specialized teams handle every single aspect that reputed companies in IT, Telecom & CE space seek to enhance their own productivity, service standards and customer satisfaction such as:

Hardware Solutions & Services: Across India, Maxxtech offers Customer-Centric Service Solutions, including fulfillment, logistics and multi-commodity repair, with the option of managing the total outsourcing of all the client’s warranty responsibilities. These technological services are provided to some of the key players in the IT and Telecommunications hardware industry, including OEM/ODM, System Integrator and EMS companies.

Warranty Support Services: Maxxtech represents and offers warranty support services on behalf of its major OEM/ODM clients with its world-class, repair, services, reverse logistics and warranty management.

Call Centre: A hi-tech and completely reliable centre will be set up shortly. Completely professional, the team will be geared to handle select client’s customer support and telemarketing needs.




Software Solutions & Services: Maxxtech offers software services to many clients in India in building Customized Software solutions, We excel in IBMS, Automations & Controls, Power Management Systems, Security Systems, Fire Systems, Software Developments and Remote Monitoring and much more. Maxxtech offers complete service solutions through integrated processes designed to fulfil and enhance service level commitments for client products and services.

Automations & Controls: Maxxtech Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) provides the decisive components needed to optimize your companywide processes. TIA offers a unique range of products and systems that deliver end-to-end solutions, and comprise the core technology capabilities for the manufacturing and processing industry. Learn more about the world’s leader in automation technology.

Power Management Systems: The AC Power Strips and Power Distribution Units offer many optional features including the convenience of power distribution with remote power cycling and monitoring. These monitoring devices are ideal in connected networking and enterprise devices in Telco, Datacom Centers or IT locations, Industrial Manufacturing and Test Environments, as well as Transport and Highway Management Centers.
Our DC Battery Disconnect Panels and PDUs include low voltage & over voltage disconnect (LVD/OVD) to protect valuable equipment from potential battery feed faults. Remote control management and circuit protection capabilities are also available. Imagine the benefits and value of resetting a circuit breaker remotely!

Contact our highly reliable customer service team today to help find the power distribution solution that is best for you. You may also reach us at our mailing address sales@maxxtech.in